A fundamental aspect of the project of sound stimulation is the permanent development of a research project.  this shows the processes and results of the different programmes that we deliver. It is also a great tool to understand the extend of our reach for the people involved in a direct or indirect manner.

The objective of the research is the systematisation of the methodology used in the workshops and the study of the process being made. As it is the only one in the region.  We want to comprehend the processes that are taking place, in order to consolidate a methodology to optimise our practice.

This area of research has three objectives:

1- the systematisation: it allows us to identify good practices and to explore their methodology.
2- its use for training new monitors to implement the programmes.
3- the delivery of information to the organisations and institutions related to the Project and its participants.

Another objective of the research is to know the effect that the Workshops have in their participants, which areas develop and how, what are the needs that cover and what should focus on. This is done through the careful observation of the participants. The monitors fill a guideline that measures different areas, and also talk to the participants families and teachers, looking for feedback and continuos improvement of the different programmes that the Project of sound stimulation offers.

Mixed Tools are used to carry out the research. They include group and individual interviews to different people involved such as: teachers,tutors,health team,monitors and other people who are considered relevant to the process. The observation of the participants and the activities that the monitors perform are analysed and studied by the work team.  The use of comparison guidelines that allow to measure the participant in two moments of the year and evaluate the effects of the programme. team meetings,  and the review of audiovisual material are elements that contribute to the constant learning process in which we are working on.